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Today it was announced that the Macworld print magazine is being discontinued and virtually all of the editorial staff is being let go. Even though I don’t personally know any of the people being laid off, other than a tiny amount through Twitter, I’m quite sad for them and for the magazine. And there is something personal about it for me also.

When the Mac was introduced in 1984, my life veered from a life studying physics and went into a totally different direction. (I wrote about this previously in some detail in my post 30 Years of Macintosh.) For young people in todays world it is almost impossible to imagine how we learned about this radical new computer. There was no internet as we know it today. No World Wide Web, no Twitter, no online blogs, no RSS feeds of news stories.

The way most of us found out information about the Macintosh was through the monthly publication Macworld. I remember eagerly awaiting each new issue. It was filled with tons of information that wasn’t available anywhere else. In the early days I read every word of every issue the same day it arrived. Every word. And the Macworld conferences were must attend shows and continued to be for more than 20 years. (I still get excited thinking about that Levco 68020 board that you could put in a Mac.)

I still have two issues from the early magazine. These issues made a difference in my life. I’ve kept them for 30 years and I’ll keep them for 30 more. Macworld ceasing publication seems personal. My heart goes out to those who’ve lost their jobs. And for the Apple community that has lost an old friend.



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